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Building Construction

Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API)  performs remodels, renovations and additions to residential and commercial homes and buildings. Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) builds custom homes from start to finish, including design, drafting, consulting and constructing. Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) takes pride, as a general contractor, on performing all avenues involved in building construction, such as:

Custom Homes • Spec Homes • Handyman Services • Metal Fabrication • Commercial • Residential • Designing • Consulting • Drafting • Remodels • Renovations • Additions • Footings • Foundations • Underground Utilities • Sanitary Sewer • Water Lines • Framing • Roofing • Soffit • Fascia • Siding • Masonry • Window and Door Installation • Wiring • Plumbing • Insulation • Sheet Rock • Painting Interior and Exterior • Trim Work • Cabinets • Appliances and Fixtures • Flooring • Patios • Porches • Landscaping • Fencing • Underground Sprinklers • Wells

Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) has performed building work on:

  • Fire Restoration
  • Commercial Remodels
  • Custom Homes
  • Residential Remodels


The following projects demonstrate our versatility and commitment to projects:

  • labelHash Basement Framing, Wiring, Sheet Rock, Paint, Trim, Floor and Entertainment System***

    Type of Project:
    Completion of Unfinished Basement, Including: Framing, Wiring, Sheet Rock, Painting, Trim, Flooring, Entertainment System Installation.

    Location: Billings, Montana

    Owner: Hash

  • labelWinkler Shed Design and Manufactured*

    Type of Project:
    Design and Manufacture of a 20’x16’ Outdoor Storage Shed.

    Location: Billings, Montana

    Owner: Winkler

  • labelShepherd Schools Roof Replacement on Buildings and Asphalt Overlay of Parking Lots and Playgrounds*

    Type of Project:
    Complete Replacement of Pitched Roof Systems on Various Buildings, Including the Gymnasium; Asphalt Overlay of Various Parking Lots and Playground Areas.

    Location: Shepherd, Montana

    Owner: Shepherd School District

  • labelBomar Custom Home Design, Consult, Draft and Build

    Type of Project:
    Design, Consult, Drafting and Building of Custom Home on an Untraditional Lot, Including: Footings, Foundation, Underground Utilities, Septic Tank, Water Lines, Framing, Roofing, Soffit, Fascia, Siding, Window and Door Installation, Wiring, Plumbing, Insulation, Sheet Rock, Painting Interior and Exterior, Trim Work, Cabinets, Appliance and Fixtures, Flooring, Concrete Patio, Concrete Porch, Concrete Driveway, Landscaping, Fencing, Underground Sprinklers, Well.

    Location: Billings, Montana

    Owner: Bomar

  • labelWalter’s Storm Damage Restoration*

    Type of Project:
    Remove and Replacement of: Roof, Fascia, Siding, Windows and Doors, Upgrade to Cantilever Above Garage, Front Deck with Handicap Ramp, Handicap Door Access and Porch Ascetics.

    Location: Hamilton, Montana

    Owner: Walters

  • label2M Properties Complete Restoration of Single Family Home Converted to a Duplex

    Type of Project:
    Complete Gut and Remodel of Distressed House, Converted Single Family Dwelling to a Duplex.

    Location: Lockwood, Montana

    Owner: 2M Properties, LLC

  • labelBNSF Railways Asphalt Overlay, Building, Concrete, Landscape, Repair and Replace*

    Type of Projects:
    Work Directly with BNSF Representatives on Budgets, Designs, Fabrications and Building on Various Projects. Completed over 100 projects since 2012, from Conference Room Remodels, Fire Restoration, Asphalt Overlays, Storm Drainage Systems, Remove and Kill Weeds, Irrigation Ditches, Concrete and Metal Stairways, Custom Design and Manufacture of Boot Brushes, Asphalt Removal and Replacement on Train Tracks, Concrete Retention Walls, Door Removal and Installation, Interior and Exterior Painting, Move Furniture, Move Mailboxes, Remove and Replace Flooring, Gutters, Overhead Garage Doors, Build Bulletin Boards, Awnings, TV Cabinets, Storage Racks, Repair of Roof Leaks, Bathroom Remodels, HVAC, Gate Repair, Lock Replacements, Window Replacements and Several Other Projects.

    Location: Montana

    Owner: BNSF Railways

  • labelRCI Energy Home Renovation

    Type of Project:
    Complete Remodel of Distressed Homes, Converting Two Homes into One.

    Location: Hardin, Montana

    Owner: RCI Energy

  • labelUnited States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Preservation of Single Family Home for Rural Development*

    Type of Project:
    Rural Development – Property Preservation of a Single Family Home.

    Location: Miles City, Montana

    Owner: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

* Repeat Customer
** Referred Customer
*** Referred and Repeat Customer

Asphalt Plus has worked with BNSF Railway Asphalt Plus has worked with US General Services Administration Asphalt Plus has worked with USDABLM ContractorAsphalt Plus has work as a contractor for the City of Billings