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Mission Statement
Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) strives to meet our customers’ needs with competitive pricing, high standards for quality work,
performed in a timely fashion, while bringing a friendly hardworking atmosphere to the construction field.

Vision Statement
Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) enhances the business of our customers by offering the highest quality service
based on strong local expertise combined with the most extensive presence.


Melinda Oedekoven

Melinda is the Owner of Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) and has 16 years of Civil and Building Construction experience along with 39 years of Management Experience. She received an A.A Degree in Data Processing from Eastern Montana College in Billings, Montana, now known as MSU-Billings. She is the Office Manager and Paver Operator. She enjoys the fast pace and high demand this position offers her. She is dedicated to her work, company and customers. Overcoming obstacles of being a woman paver operator, she has helped Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) evolve and has become one of the leading woman owned businesses in this trade. She has built a reputation to breakdown barriers, to communicate effectively, as well as compete in a predominately male industry. She hopes to inspire and show leadership to future women who hope for employment or ownership of a civil construction company.

Michael Oedekoven

Michael was an Owner of Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) , with over 40 years of Civil and Building Construction Experience. He was our Estimator, Superintendent, Universal Equipment Operator and Truck Driver. Michael began his Construction Career at 16 years old as a Laborer, moved to an Operator and soon was running crews before landing the Estimator Position for other companies  prior to starting Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API).  During his 14 years of owning Asphalt Plus, Inc, he paved the foundation for success.  Michael shared all his 40 years of wisdom, knowledge and experience, proudly knowing his children, Tiffany and Tyler would one day take reign. We just didn’t know it would be so soon. Michael lost his life, doing what he truly loved, heading to a job site. He passed from injuries sustained from a tragic collision. Michael was committed to his family and the job. Asphalt Plus, Inc, (API) will continue that commitment and the success of the company will be in his memory.  His legacy will continue to grow with the help of his family and the company’s employees.

“A bad day of working for yourself, beats a good day of working for others.” – Mike

Tiffany Oedekoven

Tiffany has been with Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) since it was founded in 2005. Tiffany came to Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) with an A.A. Degree in Biology from Casper College in Casper, Wyoming and a Bachelors Degree from MSU-Billings in Billings, Montana and has 16 years of Civil and Building Construction experience. She is our Estimator, Project Manager, Co-Superintendent, Laborer and Universal Equipment Operator, including Roller Operator during Asphalt Paving Projects. She is OSHA 10 Certified. Her complex position has many moving parts. Her tenacity keeps Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) running smoothly.

Tyler Oedekoven

Tyler has been with Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) since it was founded in 2005, while still in high school. Tyler completed an A.A. Degree in Carpentry Construction from the College of Technology (COT) in Billings, Montana and has 16 years of Civil and Building Construction Experience. He is the Co-Superintendent, safety and Quality Control Manager, Laborer, Universal Equipment Operator and Truck Driver. He is OSHA 30 Certified. His daily multi-tasking personality always puts him in the right spot at the right time, allowing projects to be completed in a timely fashion with the utmost quality.  He has the ability to step outside of the box, seeing ways to cure a problem that others don’t have.

Garrett Visser

Garrett has been with Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API) since 2019. He comes with previous construction experience, which makes him a valued asset to Asphalt Plus, Inc. (API). He is a laborer, universal equipment operator and truck driver. He is OSHA 10 Certified. His positive, good natured attitude is contagious and makes for a very friendly work environment.


Melinda Oedekoven Asphalt Plus Michael Oedekoven Asphalt Plus

Our employees are knowledgeable, hardworking and take great pride in their work. We realize that our employees are our most valuable asset and we don’t hire WHINERS. Our people love their work, as hard as it may be. “Buck up, get to work or go home” is their motto.


We respect our clients’ privacy and honor their valuable time.
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